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"When you try to kill your feelings, you die a little too!!" - Unknown

Life has become fast paced and well connected through different social media. We access, share and comment on lot of information, however still find it difficult to express what we feel/experience on day to day basis. Its better to hide or kill emotions than to share. It is becoming complex – achieving goals, running after materialistic life with no end to desires. In this whole process, we forget to connect with ourselves – our innerselves. This is a step towards providing mental freedom to share feelings, emotions without being judged, fearless, and with all the boldness to express.

Often, we turn up to different people to share different emotions – emotion side to some, professional side to some, kids side to some, education related to some, and so on. The objective for this website is to provide a platform for people to share their feelings and experiences – resentful, anxious, anger, fear, happiness, excitement, love, sadness, letting go, giving up, moving on. Such feelings once ignored leads to major problems like depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks and other psychological problems. Share your posts about happiness, motivation, inspiration, love, relationships, possibilities, mindfulness, and letting go. Share how people came out of the situations and negative feelings and support the society at large. It’s a 24X7 platform for people to share “at the moment” feeling – to enable people to post in the night or day time etc. Giving them the ease that “we are listening”. It’s about ideas that make sense and make a big difference when applied.

We do not want to know your name and your details except your email id that also we need to connect with you. Be Anonymous! Be Your Soul!
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Relieve your selves from the burden of emotions and let us know! We are LISTENING all the time!

Meet the Experts

Manju Sharma, Counsellor and Healer

Manju has 12 + years cross-functional experience in the field of Counselling & Support, early Childhood Development & Psychology; as well as programs and issues related to it. She has been practicing healing and deals with complex patients with difficult situations. In the recent past, I have served as a voluntary counsellor for about 2 years – associated indirectly with DCW.

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