Are you alone this Diwali?


October 28, 2016

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We have grown up with excitement, family time and bonding during Diwali. It’s a festival where we have beautiful memories from our childhood and growing up years. Often, we have to celebrate Diwali away from family, are you also alone this Diwali just like me? An important project is going on in my office and I didn’t get off for Diwali to visit my family in Lucknow. Its all practical but the evenings just kills me, my sister and brother are getting together at the family home, they are all together and I am alone. The problem with Diwali is that all my friends are busy with their own families and plans, office colleagues too busy with their own things and I am not even sure who all stay in my neighbourhood. Actually, you realize how lonely you are in such times. I am sharing some tips here, which I have thought to implement in next few days and hope this helps if you are alone too…

Shopping – My cousin’s wedding is coming up and this is the best time to prepare for it. Retail therapy does work and find your reasons to shop. Or you can buy gifts for the near and dear ones.

Cleaning: Clean your room, your office desk or car or cupboard and discard everything that you think is waste. You may miss your home remembering those growing up years when you would help you mom out in the Diwali cleaning drive, but don’t worry, you will be busy atleast.

Social Media: Use social media to connect with long lost friends and family members whom you have not spoken for ages.

Look out – You can purposely look out for friends who might be alone like you in the city. Plan a dinner with the friends and their families for an evening and treat them with your hands cooked food and beverages. This will surely keep you distracted and occupied

Meet your neighbours – It’s a good opportunity to know your neighbours, give them a gift or visit them during their puja, participate in society get together or may be burn crackers together. Help the elderly who might be alone and make it special for them by helping them with small things.

Enjoy your own company – You can just relax on your rooftop or balcony or may be sitting by the window, gazing at the fire crackers, lights, people and the buzz around. I like to paint and I am just going to do that.

Instead of feeling sad, just plan few things, do the action and you will feel much better. Wishing you all a Happy Diwali!

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