How to Avoid Feeling Lonely – Even When You are with Family


November 16, 2016

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Loneliness is one of the most challenging feelings to overcome and if not dealt wisely on time, it often leads to depression. One of the worst aspects of loneliness is that you might be surrounded with the people, but you feel alone and disconnected. It is essential to train your mind and learn the ways to deal with your loneliness as it always hampers your personal and emotional growth.

Here are some ways to overcome loneliness:

Determine the reason for your loneliness

First of all, it is important to determine the reason for loneliness to overcome it. It can be a loss of a loved one due to death, heart break in relationship or being neglected by the people who were supposed to take care of you. Loneliness is often caused due to lack of closed relationships or friendships. The key to overcome loneliness is acceptance and moving on.

Learn to accept and let go

If the cause of loneliness is due to the death of loved one, you have to train yourself to accept things and move forward in life. You have to accept at least you were blessed with their presence and cherish the memories in positive way. We all are here on journey and no one will stay here forever.

Moving on

Loneliness is often caused due to heartbreak or separation in marriage or a romantic relationship. There is nothing wrong to feel isolated without the person whom you once loved so intensely. But, you deserve your love as much as others. It is equally important to focus on your life goals and embrace healthy outlook of yourself. If you don’t get love unconditionally by the other person, it is worthless to get it.

Set your goals and follow your dreams

It is very important to have goals in your life at every stage of your life. These goals can be personal or professional goals. Life is too short to not to do things you always wanted to. You must indulge in everything you want to do. It can be sports, art, poetry, dance and anything else.

Get in touch with old friends and make new connections

Some people in romantic relationships get so much involved in it that they tend to forget the world around them. Their whole world start revolving around a single person. It can be romantically beautiful, but it is not good for your mental health. It is important to stay connected with your loved ones- your family, friends and other who are always there to help you.

Spread happiness

Sometimes making others feel happy is the best way to feel happy. Once you start spreading happiness all around, you will realise the feeling of loneliness had gradually diminished and you have turned into a more positive being.

If your loneliness is dominating your personal growth and mental peace, it is essential to seek help from professionals and there is nothing wrong in it. There are certain things that we can’t discuss even with our close friends. It is good idea to seek help from a stranger, preferably professional who will look up at things from professional perspective and he/she can suggest better ways for your emotional and psychological healing. These professionals usually examine your past and determine what might be causing your loneliness and discomfort. They often use various therapies so that you acquire new skills and outlets to help you feel better and zeal to live life. Professional counseling can also provide you much needed emotional support.

Life is beautiful. You must not waste it in regrets and remorse. Every day is precious and make the best of it.

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