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Today I rejected one more boy for wedding” Why I can’t trust anyone?

September 1, 2016

Trust is the most important ingredient of a relationship. If anyone is betrayed in a relationship, he/she not only loses trust in the person, but loses trust inrelationships as well. However, there ar


Top Ways to Make Dating Work with Your Lady

August 31, 2016

Gone are the days when women used to accept the choices of others. Modern, independent and educated women nowadays don’t accept the choices forced by others. They are smart and thoughtful enough to


Why do I always fall for a wrong man… by NK (anonymous contributor at www.itsaboutfeelings.com)

August 30, 2016

Middle class mentality, as we call it is deep rooted in our blood and over the years it doesn’t show up just as frequently. Unlike the society, I never had to face biasedness when my brother was bor


Addiction is cruel…

August 30, 2016

Diwakar and I are friends for last 20 years, actually since college. I shifted to Mumbai, but always in touch with Diwakar on his struggles, issues and wellbeing. We are great drinking partners whenev



August 24, 2016

As a child, I remember visiting one of our aunt’s house in the neighborhood.  As soon as she used to open and welcome us, she would be busy looking after where we are keeping our belongings, like h


Why a man called Gopichand is getting the credit for Sindhu’s win?

August 21, 2016

Pullela Gopichand is a former Indian Badminton Player. Presently, he is the Chief National Coach for the Indian Badminton team.He won the All England Open Badminton Championships in 2001becoming the s


Journey of being No one to so called “Hamari Beti”

August 20, 2016

Entire of India is going gaga on accomplishment of "Betis" at Rio. In any case, what does a 'beti" feel.. A little girl's post on her Wall in Facebook : For the Indian girls at Rio... They va



August 13, 2016

With the aspiration of becoming a top management graduate, you failed the exams twice or, your six years of relationship ended on a bitter note and you feel broken up. When such incidents are fresh an


Study reveals, Lazy people are smarter and intelligent!

August 11, 2016

When we have to categorize humans on the basis on lazy and active, we would surely be more positive about active people, thinking them to be smart, effective and doing more than the lazy people. It


What Is Freedom?

August 10, 2016

India is good to go to observe Independence day in under a week's opportunity this 2016—on the favorable day of 15th August. Consistently, this month is a national occasion, as well as a revived sen


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