These days, the relationships are based on moods…


July 25, 2016

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It’s a practical and busy world, even if you are not occupied at work, many things happen around us that keep our mind occupied. We get less and less time to be in touch with our close relationships. Whatever we want to share, feelings, emotions or anything has become very generic and usually shared over social media. Nothing like specific efforts unless its family or any close relationship. Even a connect with a person is based on one’s mood, people often ignore you if they are not in mood or want to continuously chat or speak if they are in mood. The mood depends on lot of factors, ease at work, no issues in mind, want to relax, sudden thought of the person and need to connect, so on. This mood immediately ends also, if there is no reaction or late reaction from the other party, and people just move on without paying much heed to it.

Unless one really has a need, no one does much to keep the relationship or to keep in touch. We take our mood very seriously and often don’t mind harming relationships – the other day one of my old friends whom I invited for a party few months back “unfriended” me on Facebook, as I said something on “intolerance debate” which he thought was against him, mind you people including me do take “unfriending on fb” seriously, it’s a way to show I am shutting our friendship and any connect with you. It’s the likes and comments that connects us these days and not the phone calls or meetings. All for the sake of your mood, one chose to cut all ties with a friend as he was raged at my beliefs, which was against his, that too a national issue not even a personal issue. That’s how moody we have become, we don’t want to even dwell on the times spent together, when we stood for each other, years of studying or working together, it all becomes meaningless. The mood wants you to justify the ego, your sense of righteousness and your understanding of you don’t care. We are killing each relationship like that, its only our family whom we meet daily at home as we have no option but to go back but rest of the relationships depends on your mood to call back, to ping or to meet. You can teach people to keep relationships, its based on intent but I am sure people would try to alter their mood dependent actions to save some of the relationships that’s left…

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