How to Deal with Office politics?


December 12, 2016

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Office politics is the outcome of the differences of the views, opinions and thinking of the people at work and it is a pervasive at work places. It refers to strategies used by people to reap benefits at the expense of others. No matter where you work, you will have to face the inner dynamics of people plotting for position, influence and power in the organization. There is no need to be afraid of office politics and you must learn the way to get through it as winner. Here are some tips to help you to deal with office politics:

  1. Learn to act and not to react

Winning requires you to constantly and wisely choose your reactions to the situation. No matter how bad is the situation, you must act wisely. You must learn to control you anger and think rationally before reacting to the situation.

  1. Recognize the people with power and influence in the organization

In every organization, there are two type of people, one with formal power based on their position such as manager and other with informal power obtained by virtue of their work such as the salesperson who handles most important clients in any organization. You must avoid crossing the person with power. Even, if such person is hurting the organization, you must have association with someone with more power and support from others to deal with it.

  1. Winning the favour by volunteering

You can use office politics at your workplace to your advantage. You should volunteer for people with power to complete additional tasks. It will help you to win favour and earning “points” to rise above and beyond.

  1. Don’t be identified as being associated with any single power group

The strategy here is to be neutral in your associations at the office. You must not make an impression of being identified with one power group over another. It is better to show your skills and abilities by associating with more than one of the power bases within your workplace.

  1. Understand that every one wishes to get power or position to some extent

You must understand that all workers at your level or positions are jockeying to some extent to get limited promotions to the next level. You must avoid indulging into deep relationships and try to maintain warm working relationships with all your co-workers. You need to keep focused on your ambitions and strategies for advancement while protecting yourself from possible attacks.

  1. Seeking help from professional counselor

If you think that situation is getting worst and it is mentally and psychologically affecting you, it is always wise to seek help from a professional counselor. Office politics is inevitable in any organization and quitting job is not a viable solution. A professional counselor can better help you in improving your behavior, thought process and strategies to deal with office politics.

Office politics is often associated with negativity, but you can use it for your advantages like promotions, funding pet projects and even for helping colleagues to attain greater success. The more you understand office politics, you can minimize the negative consequences and reap benefits out of it.

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