How to Deal with Post Diwali Depression?


November 2, 2016

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Diwali is not a happy time for everyone and no one knows it better than psychiatrist dealing with people suffering from depression during festival as well as post festive depression.

Depression during Festivals

Diwali is especially depressive time for those living far away from family and unable to celebrate with them during festivals. Especially, students and working professionals living alone in another city, state or country feel disappointed when they are not able to celebrate festival with their near and dear ones. Many times psychiatrist try to keep in touch with their patients suffering from patients facing pangs of loneliness through messages or over phone or any other way to make them feel better.

How to deal with depression during festival?

The festival of Diwali usually last for five days followed by celebration of Goverdhan puja and Bhaiyadooj. It has been one of the most significant festivals in Hindu, Jain and Sikh religion, preparation for which begins at least a month before the festival. While being busy in Diwali preparations, it is essential to be equally concerned about your loved ones living far from family and try to make them part of the celebration. In the modern times, when technology is so advanced, one must use video calling apps and other such ways to stay connected with them during celebration. Also, instead of getting into depression, you should celebrate festival wherever you are. For instance, if you are a student or working professional, you can decorate your place and invite your friends or colleagues to celebrate Diwali with you.

Post festival depression

Holiday blues have not remained a western phenomenon anymore. With people’s way of living changing tremendously in India, more and more are suffering from post-festival depression like post Diwali depression. Many of those suffering from post-Diwali depression and feeling extremely lonely start taking addictive substances like tobacco, alcohol etc. Once the festival is over, people generally sink into mood swings fuelled by boredom and disappointment. The holiday depression is usually temporary but those who are already taking medication, they might face further problems.

It is important to stay positive and accept that work is equally important for attaining important milestones in your life. If you are among those who are prone to pre-festive season and post festive depression, it is always wise to seek help from professional counsellors and psychiatrists much before the festival or holiday season. They can guide and help you in dealing with depression, so you can safeguard yourself from harmful effects ofantidepressant medicines. Remember, life is beautiful, don’t let the depression destroy the beauty of it.

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