Do you unexplained pain in your knee, shoulder, or other parts of body? YES!! it could due to your EMOTIONS…


March 21, 2016

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Do you know the pain you feel is related not just to the physical but also the emotional state of your mind? Every time you feel pain in any part of your body, it is related to the specific emotional state of your mind. The physical pain warns you for emotional healing. Every physical healing is able to heal a person successfully only if the person is emotionally healed as well.

Scroll through to find how the pain you are experiencing is related to your emotions and what kinds of emotions are causing it along with tips to maintain your emotional health for physical wellbeing:

  1. Pain in your head

The pain in your head represents indecisiveness and extreme stress in day to day life. When you take too much stress, it causes that thumping on your skull. It may gradually develop into problems like migraine.

Healthy Tip

Take time to relax, meditate and avoid unnecessary stress

  1. Pain in the neck

Pain in the neck represents guilt and resentment. It means you are having troubles in forgiving others and even yourself.

Healthy Tip

Practice forgiveness meditation every day and let the words and images work gradually in their own way. Forgive everyone including yourself to set your spirit free.

  1. Pain in the shoulder

Shoulder represents the area capable of carrying emotional burdens. If you are overloaded with emotional burden, it may cause pain in your shoulder.

Healthy Tip

When the work is divided, the production multiplies. Share and distribute some of the burden of your responsibilities to others. Be positive and focus on proactive problem solving.

  1. Pain in the upper back

Pain in upper back represents the lack of emotional support in your life. You might be feeling unloved or holding your love back.

Healthy Tip

It is time to reach out to your loved ones and strengthen your relationships. If you are single, it may indicatethat you need to look for the right match and fill the emotional void in your life.

  1. Pain in the lower back

The lack of financial support and financial worries may cause unnecessary strain on your lower back.

Healthy Tip

It is high time to ask for overdue raise at your job. It is prudent to learn the ways to control your expenses and focus on managing money or hire a financial planner.

  1. Pain in the elbow

Elbow pain represents your resistance to change. If there is stiffness in your elbow, it usually indicates that you are being too stiff or stubborn in your daily life.

Healthy Tip

Arguments create problems in relationships and compromises overcome them. It is high time to compromise with your partner or friend or others to maintain smooth relationship and stress free life.

  1. Pain in your hands

The palm pain represents your inability to connect with others. If you are having stiff arms, it may indicate you are having trouble in reaching out the others in the way you should be.

Healthy Tip

Make new friends, try connecting with your colleagues or join some institutions like dance classes to make new connections

  1. Pain in your hips

Pain in your hips represents your resistance to move forward in life or resistance to taking big decisions.

Healthy tip

Moving forward is the key to release the pain in the hip. It is high time to do things that you always wanted to do.

  1. Pain in your knees

Knee problem may indicate that you are stuck in the ego. Chronic knee pain usually represents overactive ego dominating all aspects of your life.

Healthy Tip

It is the time to practice being humble and spend some time in volunteering. Give a credit for good job to those who have deserved, it may be your colleague, friend or relative.

  1. Pain in your calves

Pain in calves may be caused by emotional tension, stress or jealousy.

Healthy Tip

It is high time to let go the old grudges and dump the jealousies

  1. Pain in your ankles

Ankles represent your ability to receive pleasure. If you are resisting pleasurable aspects of your life, it may cause pain in your ankles.

Healthy Tip

It is time to indulge in things that give you pleasure. You might be craving for dark chocolate to give a treat to your sweet tooth or it might be a high time to spice up your romantic life.

  1. Pain in your feet

Pain in your feet represents your depressed state of mind. You might be holding onto negative feelings for a long time.

Healthy Tip

Do the things you like. Let go the old grudges. Adopt a pet, indulge in gardening or pursue your hobbies.

  1. The dental pain

The dental pain indicates that you are not happy about the situation of your life.

Healthy Tip

The dental pain passes more quickly when you focus on positive aspects of life.

  1. Pain in Your Sacrum and Tail Bone

Pain in your sacrum and tail bone represents that you are brooding over an issue for a long time that needs to be addressed.

Healthy tip

Resolve the issues that need to be resolved since long to get relief.

  1. Pain in the gums

Pain in the gums represents your inability to take decisions and to take a stand for attaining your goals.

Healthy Tip

Be clear in your goals and take a stand to attain them

  1. The pain in the muscles

Pain in the muscles represents your inability to adapt to new environment. You might be experiencing difficulty at new home or work environment.

Healthy Tip

Accept the challenges and go with flow.

  1. Pain in the joints

Joints are flexible like muscles. The pain in joints represents your inability to be flexible to new thinking, new lessons and new environment.

Healthy Tip

Adapt yourself to new environment. Be flexible and develop an ability to learn new things

  1. Pain causing fatigue

Pain causing fatigue again represents the boredom and resistance to changes required to move forward.

Healthy Tip

Make yourself flexible. Bury the past and move forward.

  1. Pain in the stomach

Pain in the stomach often occurs, when the food is not digested. It may also be caused by depression and often caused by feeling of not being respected as expected which causes sensation in the stomach.

Healthy Tip

If you are suffering from constipation for a long time, it indicates that it’s time to let go the old grudges, give up the stale ideas and implement the new ideas. Stop expecting from others.

  1. Pain in various parts of the body

The cellular structure of the body is changed regularly over period of time. During those periods, your body may appear to be tired or in state of illness. It is just a state of clearing and passes as the changes are implemented in your body.

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