Find your happiness not negativity by Manju Sharma, Counsellor and Healer

2 Month ago


Everyday in the morning when you look at the news you get lots of disappointments- with the government, your city, your country, your neighborhood and sometimes this negativity gets extended to relatives and family. The immediate implication of negativity leads to increase in your expectations and you loose faith. Compared to our parents time, the negativity and disappointments are far more stronger, because the world is moving too fast, lacking patience, tolerance for situations, for people, for things and you feel that you have to move as faster with it. Its our convenience to define our own values and principles and most of the times its compromised and different people understand it differently.

A housewife feels no body care for the efforts she is putting in the family and she becomes negative. Husband feels nobody is understanding his worth; unknowingly and unconsciously we say negative comments about each other in front of our children and then the children too become negative and loose respect for their father or mother if sometimes a mother says- Your father is so irresponsible or your father is always late or he is so forgetful. Always remember that your words have a very strong negative or positive effect on the people around you who are listening and so the children loose respect for their father or vice versa.

In our parents time, there was respect for contributions made by each family member, be it at home, or earning money and loads of patience came from joint families. The families used to fight together, solve issues together and move on together. There was always "make it work" thing that drove the family culture and values. Surprisingly, kids grown up in this culture always used to be tolerant, accept things as they were, respectful and above all patient in their day to day approach. The kids grown up know conflict management and doesn't lose of hope soon.

Everyday we are counting our problems, from minutest to biggest, husband is so difficult to live with or I have arthritis or heart problem or thyroid or financial problem. Count your blessings from peaceful sleep you had to the job in hand, child getting ready for school, husband helping you in the kitchen, maid to clean your house to supportive boss or to non interfering in laws. When was the last time you said I love you to your partner and gave him or her a big hug. When was the last time when you smiled at your child and asked him "what fun did you have in school" instead of how was your exam or what is in the homework today or other instructions which we keep giving all the time. Be grateful to GOD for the small mercies, and find happiness not negativity.


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