Joint Families are all the more important…


April 26, 2016

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All the advice given to live in joint families is not as easy as said. However, if you compare the times you grew up and the times your kids are growing up, the need for security, safety, value system, carrying forward of traditions and rituals, and the family food culture is significantly relevant. It’s a matter of choice and how much we are ready to give up our way of life, independence and thinking. You have to be answerable to many people, everyone checks when did you go out of the house or when did you come back. You have to keep everyone informed of your whereabouts, your friends, and your plans. The family together has to take care of all the guests, illnesses, emergencies and finances and there is no way you can run away.

The way of life is guided by family value system, you may agree or disagree but you would have to be patient, tolerant and most importantly respectful towards each and every family member.

Can you imagine how this helps you to fight the world outside? You have a great support system who is standing with you in each and every problem. Sometimes it does become interference but the key thing is you are never alone.

You don’t need to look out for day care or rely on nanny – Though today’s grand parents have their own lives these days but they are willing to adjust their schedules to take care of their grand children. There is lot of open mindedness that’s built in and a lot needs to be built in.

You will always be under radar – you have to give up your independence and you will get used to it when you know the intent is right and ultimately you are benefitting unless the circumstances turn nasty.

Do you know how the kids are growing up on cook’s food and hardly left with any connect with grand mom’s food? Even if you have support system to help you with daily chores, Grand mom’s recipe would always be the most cherished one. The way we fondly miss our mom’s food, I think we should give that privilege to our kids.

Staying together is financially beneficial – the benefits are endless, no rent, joint expenses, and you can focus on more important investments in your life.

Taking care of bills payment, grocery buying, any other urgent needs is not a problem, you would have someone or the other to get it for you

All about the choices we make and very individualistic depending on circumstances too, but you can definitely can’t take away the benefits of living in joint family.

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