Karan Johar opens up about his Depression


September 26, 2016

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Karan Johar, one of the most successful and popular Filmmaker revealed recently that there was a time he felt lonely and depressed. He had shut people completely off, didn’t want to meet anyone and found excuses to leave Mumbai. “It was dark, deep and helpless time. There was nothing I could do about it,” he said. During the phase, he had stopped feeling excitement and happiness. There was lack of sleep and he was always on the edge. The reasons were that he hadn’t dealt entirely with the loss of his father. There was also the fear that he may not be able to find a life partner. “There is so much love I get from my friends but where do I take it all? I used to feel very lonely,” he added

When asked if loneliness was a side-effect of the film industry, Karan refused to blame Bollywood: “I think the industry per se should not be generalised for the reason of your loneliness but you really wonder how many of your relationships matter. We live in this bubble all the time. We don’t know if the emotions we have are just for the film or do I take it further. And at 44, when you don’t have a life partner or kids, it is difficult to deal with.”

“It is a recent kind of anxiety I have discovered about myself. At one point I thought I was having a cardiac arrest but my doctor said it was an anxiety attack. I then met a psychiatric and took medication. And this was just two years ago. I stopped my medication just three months back,” he added.

Success comes with its baggage, you do have people around who are there for a purpose. There would hardly be anyone really care for an individual you might be. There is constant battle as you distance yourself from the people eyeing your powers and help and the people who are genuinely like you as a person. You end up push everyone aside in this struggle that leads to loneliness, sadness, there is no one to celebrate your achievements or happiness or just be with you. As they say “Its lonely at the top” The cost of ambition comes with

  • Late nights, early mornings
  • Lost of associates, very few friends or none
  • You will be misunderstood
  • You will be single unless you are lucky enough to find someone who understands your lifestyle
  • People will want you to do good but not better than them

And for those reasons, you will do many things alone…

Source – NDTV

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