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June 28, 2016

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In the world where majority of people associate happiness with money and materialistic achievements, it is often observed that even the richest people are not happy and content. One must sometimes read the stories of the most successful people who sacrificed happiness for money and you will find how much they regret for it.

A quote of wisdom by an anonymous writer says, “Money can buy you a bed, but not sleep. Money can buy you a clock, but not time. Money can buy you a book, but not knowledge. Money can buy you a position but not respect. Money can buy you medicine, but not health. Money can buy you blood but not life & money can buy you sex, but not love. Money can buy you all materialistic things in life, but you cannot buy a smallest amount of happiness with all the money you have.

So if money doesn’t bring you happiness, why one must be part of never ending rat race? And what is the way to get happiness?

To know the best way to live happy and peaceful life, let’s talk about Bhutan. Bhutan is the only country where the phrase,“Gross National Happiness’ was discovered in 1972 by its fourth Dragon King, JigmeSingyeWangchuck.

Surprisingly,Bhutan is not counted amongst the richest countries in the world, but it is still counted amongst the happiest countries in the world, despite not being a world economic power. The focus of the government is on serving the Bhutan’s culture based on Buddhist spiritual values, instead of western material development gauged by gross domestic product (GDP.

Here are some amazing facts about the Happy Bhutanese:

  • In Bhutan, people don’t let globalisation dominate their daily life. They don’t care if they don’t have latest smart phone or iPhone.
  • The country is slowly and steadily growing its GDP by managing their resources.
  • They don’t care about the nonsense discussed over idiot box and internet.
  • The environment plays a most vital role in their happiness. The government has strictly protected the forests, animals, and environment and 60% of their country is strictly safe from things like deforestation.
  • They maintain closeness between the high and low classes. A recent picture of the King of Bhutan JigmeWangchuck was trending on Twitter, where he was captured preparing food for the Community School at Mongar.
  • Surveys have shown that around 2/3 of all Bhutanese people get at least eight hours of sleep per night.

Apparently, it truly makes me believe that money can help you to buy things you may to survive, but it cannot bring happiness and peace in life. And life’s goal should be to attain peace and happiness and not just to stock the materialistic things.


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