Love and Respect Exists Even in Broken relationships


June 11, 2016

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Everything in life is temporary, still we dream for permanent settlement. When we fall in love, we think we will always love him or her and expect the same from the other side. But, one day, suddenly things change. Sometimes it’s the person and sometimes it’s the destiny which drew the lovers apart from each other. But does the end of a relationship mean end of love and respect for each other? How can you degrade someone whom you considered once as heart of your life, especially when it is the circumstances not the other person is at fault for the end of your relationship?

During one of our gang dinners, an inevitable topic of all our relationships came up. When one of our friends who recently broke up with his girlfriend had his turn come up and most of the others in the gang in a bid to comfort him started saying things like, “Dude, you know she doesn’t deserve you”,  “I always knew you could do better”. He immediately cut short all of them and said “You know what she will always be one of the best things that had happened to me, she is an awesome girl!”

How many times you get such responses for ex girl friend or boyfriend? I was so amazed at his response that my head bowed down to him. Most of the lovers after break up start abusing each other in front of anyone and everyone, no matter what is reason for the sorry state of their love affair. The end of a relationship should not mean the end of love and respect for each other. Of course, it also doesn’t mean you should keep praising a person who played with your heart. But, when the relations could not work out due to genuine reasons like family pressure, career and other such problems, you should step into the shoes of the other person and make sure not to disrespect or degrade your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend , at leastwhen it was the destiny and not your ex-lover was at fault.

The recent incident of Virat and Anushka is the best example to it. When ViratKohli stood up to slam Anushka Sharma’s haters and he lashed out at social media trolls for targeting Anushka, he not only shut the mouth of haters, but also won the respect from all. When he said that those who blame her for anything negative in his cricket career should be ashamed of themselves and Anushka has always given her positivity, he proved that he is a gentleman. For those who respect their woman, they are gentleman.

Sometimes relationships don’t work but it doesn’t mean that man and woman in a love relationship start humiliating or degrading each other, especially, when you are aware that other person has loved you with sincerity. If someone who has truly loved you, you must be thankful and respect them for the time, effort and love they gave you.

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