Over thinking kills all the joys and turns into stress. Work with your mind on ways to curb over thinking


April 30, 2016

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Overthinking ruins the beauty of your life and makes the otherwise smooth pathways of life into complicated journey. Persistently dwelling on distressing situations leads to frustration, exhaustion, anxiety and even illness. It is important to overcome your overthinking as soon as you feel it is ruining the beauty of your life. Here are some simple tips to overcome overthinking in your life:

Distract yourself from overthinking

You should find an activity that demands attention and focus to overcome the habit of overthinking. It is good to involve in activities that involve hands like knitting, writing as it will engage your motor skills as well as your thinking process.

Deal with your fears

Sometimes overthinking is the result of constant fear of not been able to attain what you wish to attain. Sometimes people don’t take any step to chase their dreams for fear of being unsuccessful. If you have desire to do anything which is legitimate and doesn’t harm anyone including yourself, you should do it. You should do the things you fear and your fear will disappear.

Set short time limits to take decisions

It is good to wisely think before taking any decision, but it doesn’t means that you keep brooding over its pros and cons for a life time. You should set short time limits to make decisions and develop a habit of quick decision making.

Let go

It is very important to accept that you can’t control everything. There will always be certain situations and circumstances beyond your control.Most of the bitter experiences of life will teach you some of the most valuable lessons of life. You need to learn the morale and move on to make your spirit grow

Write down your action plan and track your progress daily

Write your plan in a diary and track your progress everyday. It will help you to become a man of actions. You can pick up a daily planner to write down things you want to accomplish within a week. Then everyday record your actions you are taking to attain it. Remember it will work only if you record your progress on daily basis. You must make a to-do list for everyday and review it at the end of the day.

Regular Exercise

Exercise is a great way to free your mind from negative and destructive thoughts. It helps you to be physically, mentally and socially fit for life. It will be better to choose exercise that you love to do. For instance, some people don’t like regular exercise instead prefer to do aerobics, dance, swimming etc. Once it becomes a habit of your daily routine, you will start noticing changes in your decision making powers as well.


Meditation is a scientifically proven method of relaxing the mind. Everyday take few minutes to take deep breaths to calm your mind. There are many meditation techniques to make you feel peaceful. Meditation is the most effective method of overcoming overthinking.

Keep yourself inspired

Reading the inspiring stories and watching inspiring movies is a great way of developing a positive and motivated mindset. You should read inspiring stories and take that positive energy to turn your plans into actions.

Talk to a professional counsellor

An outsider’s opinion can sometimes help you to bring peace within. However, it is important to talk to a right person. Many people just increase the confusion and complication of your life. It is advisable to take an appointment from a professional counsellor or a mentor to overcome your tendency to overthink and overanalyse.

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