How to Overcome Excessive Attention Seeking Behaviour?


October 7, 2016

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Everyone one wishes to have some kind of attention. We all seek attention to have a sense of security, meaningful relationships and rewarding activities. Human beings are social creatures and they often wish for validation of their worth. However, seeking excessive attention is harmful for your mental health. It will let you lose your self-worth as well as self-respect. It is important to look for ways to overcome excessive attention seeking behaviour. Here are some of the ways to overcome your excessive attention seeking behaviour:

· Express yourself through a creative art

Express yourself through a creative art for such as painting, writing, making music, singing, or practicing a craft. You must not be worried what others will think while expressing yourself. You should also not do it for showing it off.

· Selfless Service

Selfless service is a way to overcome attention seeking behaviour. You must indulge in volunteer job to help others. You should try to keep your motive pure and selfless. There must be some people in the community in needs. You should look for volunteering at retirement home or orphanage, local library or you can help students in their homework after school.

· Mindfulness

There are certain mindfulness medication techniques that help in improving your concentration power. It is good to read books on mindfulness and preferably learn techniques to practice mindfulness. Yoga and meditation do wonders in

· Shift your focus on others

When you are always craving for attention, most of your focus is on yourself. It is essential to shift your focus on your loved ones or people you care about or even spend time knowing about other. For instance, you should talk to your parents, friends and elderly people in your family. It will help you not just to know them but to learn from their life experiences.

Love and accept yourself. You don’t need to get validation from others. You should pamper yourself and indulge in activities that make you happy such as going out friends, gym, yoga, clubbing, spa etc.

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