Its been a tough journey preparing for Exams, are you stressed or depressed


March 29, 2016

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It’s that time of the year when you expect to savour the fruits of your hard work, pain and sleepless nights to study and perform well in your exams. The toughest time is for the students appearing for X and XII classes, and the journey continues endlessly until you get admission in the desired course and university/college. Everyone including you and your family are focused on the subjects, time spent, how prepared you are, how well you answered the questions and RESULTS are the ultimate goals.

In this whole bargain, no one thinks about what’s going in your mind, are you prepared for failure, are you nervous and in stress, do you have plan B, how it will impact your and your family if you don’t get through. After all, you are carrying the luggage of your family, society, peers and your own expectations, How can you go wrong, Isn’t it?

Ask anyone in the 20s, 30s, 40s or more, no one suffered while not qualifying for a course or college or for not scoring good in exams. No one suffered, not even your parents. People who did well in their exams and college are good enough but just equally enough with others as they all catch up with time and age. Scores, colleges and degrees do add qualification but no one can take away your knowledge, your personal traits and experience away.

A lot has been written, advised and said on the subject but in the heart of the problem only few things work:

It will get over, its matter of time and everything will fall in place.

The whole ecosystem will demand, you have to set your own limits.

Exams every year are just part of your life and not your life itself.

Know your strengths and weaknesses, Act accordingly.

Only you can control your situation and state of mind.

Have a balance of friends, one who studies well will push you to perform better and one who understands you, may or may not be a good student.

Prepare for the worse, because beyond your hard work, there is always luck. This year, who expected tough Class XII Maths paper? You have no option but to pray!!

Don’t leave things you like, take out time. Plan your day and at least give an hour or so to extracurricular activity you enjoy.

Life is beyond these exams, but the sad part is we have to go through it. Let it pass, you have Billions of People across the Globe gone through this situation.

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