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April 27, 2016

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I never paid attention to such instances though have been listening to numerous stories, daily lifestyles of many of my friends, colleagues and acquaintances. Few days back, I realized the similarities and consistent reactions to situations across genre of women, ranging from 1-2 years married (with no kids) to married women with grown up kids. The only intent is to make things work, and to shower their care and love to the most important part of their lives, family and work. Interestingly, their whole universe revolves around these two aspects and based on these similarities I am taking the liberty to generalize and bring about the most significant features of these Warriors who fight all odds to “make it work”.

Typically, the day starts at 5 am or earlier to cook breakfast and lunch, and pack for the entire family (going out for a living or study). She is usually the first one to wake up, make children ready for school, serve in-laws morning chores and get themselves ready for place of work. All these activities are perfectly programmed like an alarm clock. Then the ordeal of going to work start, taking rickshaws, changing metros/buses, fighting the crowd, skipping the temptation  to take an auto or cab, with pounding heart, they brave the journey. Usually, their bags are stacked up with scarf, make up kit, face wash and other relevant accessories, to refresh and touch up, from the pollution, dirt, heat, sunlight etc. It is no show off, it’s an approach to hide the tiredness, by the time they are at place of work, half of their day is gone and a smallest of step has been a battle. For teachers, you can rewind the whole process and start the cycle from 4 or 4.30 am onwards and I am not exaggerating as in many parts of Delhi the water supply starts from 3 am onwards and women have to get up at these gruesome early hours to switch on the “water motor” to fill up the tanks and store water.

During the day, while working on deadlines, obeying the bosses, solving challenges and making it work with colleagues too, they would constantly check on kids – if they have reached home safely, in-laws had food, husband liked the range of food (snacks, fruits, lunch, again snacks) packed. As the clock ticks 5.30 pm or beyond, they are ready to start the ordeal back home, with crowded buses/metros, long walk or rickshaws or lift on bikes/cars. While on the journey, they would have already planned what to cook, once back home, they cook, spend atleast an hour on children home work, clean the house, put washing machine or fold clothes, do dusting, etc before they call it a day to start the whole grind again next early morning.

You meet them and talk to them, they would always be so full of life and happy, they would have their lows, but would fight back with the solutions with all positivity and zeal, as they are brave and strong enough like warriors. It is not an over-statement. Theycan’t hire cooks or 24/7 maids as the food may not be of the taste of family or in-laws and also they run households on budgets. They can make it convenient for themselves but they can’t. I wonder, conveniences make life complicated, we keep pushing the bar, the more convenient it is, we are more dissatisfied or discontented, find more reasons to crib and complaint. I have heard several stories and it is so inspiring. Talk to the women you meet in daily life, ask them how do they manage home and work, you will get your inspirations and may be solutions to your so many problems. At the end, I want to “Thank God” for all the little things bestowed on me and work on myself towards being less “lazy soul”.

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