The whatsapp and its implications on relationships


April 27, 2016

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I was introduced to whatsapp 2 years ago as I got to know of it as a great substitute to send pics rather than mailing them. Over the time, I was added to several groups of friends, colleagues, family based across countries and we were having gala time sharing jokes, pics, gossip, arguments, voice notes, songs, videos, etc. I myself created many groups to stay connected with school friends, college friends, mba friends, main group, sub groups, multi-groups and so on. It worked, we were back in touch, daily greetings, updates, good news, sad news, etc. and we started meeting often as we could connect on chat. It has changed mindset, with ticks and blue ticks to make it obvious who all have received and read the texts, and what time.Overtime, unsaid conduct was defined, how people are expected to behavewere developed, eventually there is whole new analysis and definitions to judge people and their behaviour.

If you have seen the message and not replied, it means the person is not interested to reply, or ignoring you.

If you have still not replied in 24 hours, the person is the most careless, irresponsible person on the earth, even if you are unwell and dying or have any justifiable reason to not reply.

If you send too many jokes or messages, you are termed as “vella”

If you reply to all the messages on the group, you termed as most available and again “vella”

If you reply to only one or two persons messages, you are only inclined to them and you are not friends to rest.

If you have stupid fallout or argument, you are the “biggest dushman” of all as people tend to forget how you were 2 years before this rare phenomena was introduced.

If you are online or last seen at 1 am or late, you must be having an affair

If you are online at 5 am, oh whats tension in life is keeping you awake, may be the spouse or job.

You must send fwds that suit the taste of the group – no chain forwards or bhakti messages.

Many people have hidden there last seen because of these reasons, but how can they get saved from “blue ticks”

If you are in bad mood or having a bad day, and someone sends some fwd which you didn’t like, everything is forgotten for your mood sake and you jump to conclusions, arguments and build the thickest of walls ever existed.

No patience, no tolerance and above all the behaviour of a person that very moment defines the person’s character, personality and people carry along that impression for a long time.

With whatsapp, the calling costs would have considerably gone down. Now people like to chat rather give a phone call to their friends..very convenient and who wants to talk unless its really urgent or detailed.

With whatsapp, you can reach out 100s of connects but lose out on the genuine ones as now everyone is treated equals on the app.

It is great convenient and fastest app to connect around the world, however, it should be just another connection tool andnot a behaviour judgement or relationship judgement tool, and a phone call should always remain the primary source of connection with your most near and dear ones. And the last not the least.. If the person exits the group for any reason, the gesture is unacceptable and understood as the person has not only left from the group but also from the livesof the members…. JJ

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