Tips for Working Woman to Maintain Work –life Balance


December 30, 2016

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For decades, women who chose to work while raising a family have faced lots of struggles in balancing their personal and professional goals. Many women are able to fulfil the wishes of family and attain the professional goals, but then they don’t have time for themselves. Life becomes a sort of race for them. While women have made great progress in the last few centuries, but 70 percent of them think it’s just not possible to be successful at work and home

Besides in country like India, where household chores are considered as the prime responsibility of a woman, it is really hard for them to attain their family and career goals together. For instance, Sarita is a working mother living in a joint family. Being a working mother, it is really toughto maintain balance in work and professional life when you don’t get any support from in-laws. Every day when she comes back to home tired after the long travel, she immediately freshen up to make dinner. Her mother in law is least supportive and somehow she manages to do all the tasks at her own, but what bring her into emotional stress is the constant criticism and interfere in each and everything from her in-laws. There are so many women like her in India facing same kind of problems. But, it is essential to sort out the problem instead of taking it for granted. Here are some tips for working women to balance their personal and professional life:

Set your priorities

It is always good to make a diary and write a list of your priorities on daily basis. You should ask yourself question about your different work and home responsibilities.

  • What are the top priorities for yourself, your family and your job?
  • What are the work projects that you need to work at first?
  • What are the key things that your family needs
  • What do you need personally for self-care, wellbeing and sanity?
  • Where can you draw support for work as well as home?

Once you get clear answers for your priorities, make their list and follow them to move on the right track.

Delegate your responsibilities

You have to accept that you cannot master everything and you should inculcate habit of delegating responsibilities at work as well as at office. You should distribute some of your daily tasks to others and learn to trust them, so that you canfocus on more important things

Say no to less important things

You must learn to say “no” to projects and engagements that will cut into your priorities both at work and at home. When you set your priorities, you are able to put more focus on your priorities and save your time.

Be present where you are

You must be present with family completely when you are spending time with them and forget about the work and all other things. You must be present and mindful when you are spending time with family to raise a happy family.

Develop smooth relationship with spouse

Your relationship with your spouse is the most important relationship in your life. It is very important for woman to make her man feel special and loved. It takes time to develop understanding between two individuals. You need to inculcate patience to develop smooth relationship with your spouse. If you have any problem with in-laws, you should try to work on it mutually with your husband. You will have to develop skills of all kinds to make your husband listen to you and support you.

Make time to take care of yourself

With so many responsibilities, many women keep their family ahead of their personal responsibilities. It is absolutely necessary to set aside at least a small amount of time in your schedule for yourself.

Here are some other things that you must keep in mind to maintain a balance in your daily life:


  • Raising kids is a life time opportunity and it comes once in a life time.
  • Don’t have any guilt, you are doing your best.
  • Always try to be proactive and creative at the work place
  • You must ask your partner for help and unconditional support to assist you
  • You should try to be connected with a community of working mothers to get the best solution for many issues. When you talk to women with similar issues, you may find new and creative ways to resolve them.

It may be difficult to maintain a work life balance, but it is not impossible. You just need to stay positive, care for yourself as much as you care for others and keep focusing on the most important things of life to get the best out of yourself.

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