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Indian Veteran Actor Om Puri Dies Aged 66

January 6, 2017

Veteran Indian actor Om Puri, who was a star of British hit East will be East, has died of a heart attack in Mumbai at the age 66. Om Puri, who acted in both standard and workmanship movies, was kn

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Dhoni Quits as Indian Captain of ODI & T20 Teams

January 5, 2017

It is down-pouring abdications in Indian cricket. In the first place it was an arrangement of vocation directors who turned in until tomorrow. Presently comes the greatest sensation of them all with M

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Life has become fast paced and well connected through different social media. We access, share and

comment on lot of information, however still find it difficult to express what we feel/experience on

day to day basis. Its better to hide or kill emotions than to share. It is becoming complex – achieving

goals, running after materialistic life with no end to desires. In this whole process, we forget to

connect with ourselves – our innerselves. This is a step towards providing mental freedom to share

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